Theft Crimes

Theft crimes range in severity of punishment based on the amount stolen and whether the theft involved violence against a person, whether a weapon was used or an invasion into someone's home took place. A conviction for a theft crime can carry a mandatory minimum sentence in jail or at the very least be reflected as a conviction on your criminal record or "CORI" (criminal offender record information) which may be seen by potential employers when seeking a job. Some examples of theft crime charges under the general laws of Massachusetts are:

  • Shoplifting
  • Petty larceny (under $250)
  • Grand larceny (over $250)
  • Larceny by false pretense
  • Larceny by scheme
  • Uttering a false check
  • Receiving stolen property
  • Larceny of a Motor Vehicle/Person
  • Robbery, Armed/Unarmed
  • Home invasion armed/unarmed
  • Breaking and Entering daytime/night

It is best to consult with an experienced criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible and prior to speaking with the police. Police in conducting their investigation may contact a suspect wanting to interview them as to their whereabouts on the day/night in question. The police may tell you they have evidence linking you to a crime when in fact they do not. Police can and will make you believe that evidence or witnesses have tied you to a crime when in fact they are hoping that you just come out and admit to the crime making their job a whole lot easier.

Receive free confidential advice for your specific questions and problems. As a leading criminal defense firm in Massachusetts we have the experience and know how to make sure you do not make the situation any worse then it already is. We offer representation from the beginning of a police investigation through arrest, arraignment and trial if necessary. We have been successful in negotiating resolutions prior to charges being issued against clients. If you have been arrested and charged or feel you are the target of an investigation by the police either in state or federal court in Massachusetts please call now to get advice, 617-393-0250.

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