He is an amazing lawyer and I recommend him tremendously! He cares about his clients and I assure you he will try his best to get you the best outcome! Highly thankful that I found him, he goes out of his way to please his clients and is very effective. If you are a latino or hispano do not even hesitate and hire him ASAP.

- Maria Jose Escobar Navarro

I am happy that I chose Frank to be my lawyer, and I will choose him again in the future. Although we agreed that I will pay him more money if my case went to trial, but he did his best to get my case dropped, and in fact the case was dismissed, and I didnt have to go through a trial or pay him extra money. He did all the work and all i had to do was showing up in court, I didnt need to speak a word. Very impressing, Frank is someone you can trust, and I respect him and his work

- Remas

I highly recommend Frank!! He helped my boyfriend with his case he had civil and criminal charges which were dismissed all on the same day. Great guy who cares about his clients!!

- Sulma Alvarado

Frank Fernandez is a great attorney. I was caught up in an unfamiliar situation and was feeling overwhelmed with the court system. I called many different lawyers to get a consultation and felt unsure and uncomfortable with all of them. That was not the case with Frank. Frank gave me a general overview on how my case would move through the court system and was very patient and understanding whenever I had any questions. He was able to empathize and show his concern for me; he treated me as a person rather than another paycheck. Great lawyer and a great person.

- Brian K

I would highly recommend Frank. He was professional throughout the entire process of my case and always answered the phone when I called.

- Jose Gomez

Great Lawyer, I like the way of his work and make negociation with the other parts. Great job and I like the way of his expression and explain everything.

- Daisy Pagan

Highly recommend, Mr. Fernandez is super patient and extremely thorough.

- Alissa Clark

I would recommend Frank to my friends without any hesitation. Thank you, Frank!

- Yunsong Gao

Very honest. Accepted my case while I was in NYC. Explained to me exactly what will happen at minimum cost. First time I can say I met an honest attorney. As a business and real estate in NYC, I retained many attorneys whose goal was to maximize their fees. Mr Fernandez was very reasonable and upfront honest with his fee. Very highly reccomend.

- John Haniff

Frank Fernandez should be the first call anyone makes within the Boston area for legal representation.  As a working professional, I made a horrible mistake and I was arrested with the potential of spending a lot of time in jail with the potential to have charges escalated.   His efforts saved me a lot of potential pain and grief.  He came to my rescue when I had no family locally to help me out of the situation my actions caused.

I was fortunate that I found him out of the chaotic choices that are out there.  Frank is professional and cares about all of the elements which affected the outcome of my case.  My life and my career are back on track and I could not have done this without Frank's ability to react and change the course of difficult decisions.  Trust, integrity, honesty, alongside the ability to dig deep, are just some of the characteristics of the person who accepted my case in the middle of the night.

If you need a sanctuary when you can only see your life taking a change for the worse, call Frank and explain the elements of your case.  I've got his card in my car, my wallet, my desk when I've got the potential for any type of legal action.  I know he's someone that I can depend upon.

I'm not posting for sake of Frank's business, I'm posting to convey my thanks for a difficult set of circumstances that I'll not face due to his ability to think quickly and make reliable decisions in spite of the issues that resulted from my actions.

- Tom Coll

I highly recommend Frank. He helped get my case dismissed rather quickly, and kept me updated the whole way.

- Elijah Noel

Attorney Fernandez helped my life tremendously. He represented me against a criminal offense and avoided arraignment all together. Upon first contacting him he spoke to me as a person not a paycheck. He helped me put it all into perspective and looked out for me beyond the eyes of the court. Upon arriving at court and telling the judge who my attorney was she smiled and told me I was in good hands. Very comforting. Great lawyer and great guy.

- Stephen Mason

Attorney Fernandez' experience, expertise, work ethic, and people skills are a refreshing combination that make for exceptional results for his clients.

- Matt Connon

Very pleasant, intelligent and hard-working. Frank always inspired confidence and seemed to know what he was doing. When things weren't looking their best, he inspired hope and trust. The resolution came out in the best possible way. Thank you so much Frank, you are the go-to for any legal issues!

- Alex Kane

Attorney Fernandez is terrific. I have worked with him for many years. He gave me some helpful legal advice during a troubling situation which I am extremely grateful to him for. He is caring, personable and very knowledgeable with his work. He is a great attorney and I would highly recommend his services to anyone.

- Cole Ingram

Attorney Fernandez helped my family through a very difficult situation. He was not only thorough and attentive but also very caring and compassionate. He ended up getting a very favorable ruling in a case that could have ended up much worse. I highly recommend his legal services. He is truly an expert at what he does.

- Anna Poulakis

Great attorney! Very knowledgeable and great at keeping in touch and keeping me updated.

- Stephanie Murphy

Great, helpful and informative first free consultation. An excellent, experienced, and knowledgeable attorney/legal counselor to have by your side who instills a sense of confidence and provides quality service.

- Alexander Flores

Mr. Fernandez was very helpful throughout a difficult situation. He was attentive, knowledgeable and communicated well at every stage of the process and his expertise resulted in a favorable ruling. I highley recommend his legal services.

- Anonymous

Attorney Fernandes was really helpful and he resolved the matter expeditiously! I was very pleased with his work.

- Anonymous

Helped answer all my questions and did a great job. Makes you feel very comfortable by giving you a full download of information at every step.

- Anonymous