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How to choose a criminal defense attorney for your case

How to choose a criminal defense attorney for your case

I’m often asked how people find me and how do they know I’m the right person
to handle their case. Most people look online and choose the first lawyer they
see but more time and effort should be placed into finding the right criminal
defense attorney for your case.

Below I have made a video describing what I think are some of the questions
people should ask and give some advice on how to find a criminal defense


I won’t just repeat everything I say in the video here but some of the main
questions I suggest you ask any potential criminal attorney is whether they
offer a free consultation? Any attorney should offer you a free consultation to
discuss your personal situation. In that free consultation you should ask the
attorney their experience in the practice area in which you were charged. You
should also discuss the legal fee and what does it include such as an
investigator or expert witnesses if needed. And most importantly you should feel
comfortable with the attorney; this is someone who you are trusting with a big
case that can have a huge effect on your life. The attorney should be one who
communicates well with you and keeps you informed at every step of the case. He should return calls promptly and keep you informed of any developments in the case.

Please take a look at the video below where I go into more detail about things to ask a potential criminal defense attorney.

As a Boston criminal defense lawyer I offer free consultations and practice in a
variety of areas of criminal defense both in State and Federal court. Feel free to call if for a free consultation 617-393-0250 or visit my website for more information

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