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Client was charged in Boston municipal court with two counts of possession with intent to distribute heroin and cocaine.

Narcotic detectives testified that after seeing a person come and go from the clients apartment in a short time frame that they then knock on the client’s door to investigate based on a suspicion drug dealing was taking place. The detectives allege client allowed them to search his apartment. Narcotics officers discover crack floating in the toilet, the bathroom window open and a cell phone sitting on the ledge. They then discover a second suspect outside the apartment who was arrested for possession of drugs. In the clients bedroom they allege that they find a scale baggies and a packet of heroin. Client is charged with possession with intent to distribute heroin and cocaine.

Client testifies at trial and states that he never gave permission for the police to search his apartment and that he had no knowledge of any drugs in his apartment.

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The federal sentencing commission is recommending the reduction in drug sentences be applied retroactively to 46,000 prisoners currently incarcerated.

The sentencing commission has recently recommended that a two level reduction in the guideline level be applied to all drug offenses.

The reduction is based on attempting to minimize the amount of nonviolent drug offenders who are incarcerated in the federal system. The strict and harsh sentencing in federal drug cases has led to a serious overpopulation of federal prisons which has placed the majority of these prisons at overcapacity and cost the taxpayer vasts amounts of money to attempt to keep up with the ever-increasing prison population.

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The charge of accosting a person of the opposite sex requires an act or statement to be made which is disorderly and offensive to a reasonable person and the appellate courts have interpreted this charge to require the offense to be of a sexual nature.

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The Massachusetts Model Jury Instruction for this charge is below:

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A Boston police officer who has been on administrative leave since September 2013 was arrested after taking a police cruiser he was not authorized to use. The police cruiser was taken from Dist. C 11 in Dorchester, it appears he drove to Revere and was involved in a domestic incident that the Revere police are now investigating.

Donovan was arrested after the police car was found in Dorchester near his residence on Friday night. He’s been an officer since 2002 and has criminal charges pending related to larceny and now unauthorized use of a motor vehicle charges as well.

Every police department has an internal affairs division which investigate any complaints or suspicions of illegal activity from police in that department. Any allegations of police abuse or criminal activity will be investigated by the internal affairs division. Officers can suffer anything from suspension and firing to other disciplinary type proceedings which are then put in their personnel file.

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A Suffolk County Grand Jury decided not to indict a truck driver, Ricky Prezioso, 41,

who was initially charged with leaving the scene of an accident that caused the death of a bicyclist. The accident occurred in Charlestown on Cambridge Street where a bicyclist traveling in the bike lane was struck by the back of a trash truck at a corner while the truck was taking a turn. The truck driver claims not to have seen the biker and claims that he thought the impact was a pothole that he must have run over.

Although initially charged by the police and the prosecutor in Charlestown district court, for a case to be indicted, which then allows the case to go to Superior Court, it either must be true billed by a grand jury or through a probable cause hearing in court in which a judge finds probable cause to believe that a crime has been committed.

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It is alleged that he ran into the woman early in the morning on his way home, she offered sex, they returned to his apartment, after having sex he noticed his computer was missing. He grabbed her bag and found that his computer was inside. At this point he grabbed a metal pipe and began to beat her about the head and body, he carried her outside and left her on the street. He’s charged with armed assault with intent to murder and aggravated assault and battery causing serious bodily injury.

Police say that he did admitted hitting the woman in the head with a pipe after confronting her about the computer. His defense attorney mentioned that he was under the influence of alcohol at the time. There is no mention of sex for a fee so it appears that they agreed consensually to go home with each other. It is when he noticed the laptop missing that he appears to have become violent. Her body was discovered around 4:30am today after neighbors heard her screaming for help on the street.

The Judge set bail at $100,000. The man has no prior record but since the beating was so severe he is charged with the intent to murder and was given a high bail.

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The police received a tip that a woman was soliciting men for sex for a fee at the Tewksbury library. An undercover detective responded and quickly was engaged by a woman exchanging notes offering sexual favors for $60. She was arrested for prostitution and it is learned she had outstanding charges for drug possession.

The city of Boston through Mayor Walsh has recently announced a new tactic for combating sex trafficking by targeting the John’s when it comes to prostitution.

Usually it is the prostitute who is arrested and charged with a crime when it comes to prostitution. This new tactic will offer more support and services to prostitutes to help them get off the streets.

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The death of the confidential informant from an overdose lead to Braintree detectives accessing his cell phone and text messages.

That information led to a source who cooperated with the police and after an investigation including surveillance they were able to arrest eight of the suspected distributors.

The distribution ring was tied to two locations, one in Hyde Park which was a pick up point for customers, and another in Braintree where one of the main suspects resided. All eight are charged in federal court in Boston with Drug Trafficking in Heroin.

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Ross Currier, 26, an accountant was seen in the North end of Boston playing basketball by a woman who had been recently sexually assaulted. She told police that she was 90 to 95% sure that he was the man who assaulted her. Currier was arrested and charged with sexual assault, he was released on bail and forced to wear a GPS bracelet on his leg this past month.

It was only after his alibi checked out through independent witnesses that the prosecutor agreed that they had arrested the wrong man. The case was dismissed in Boston Municipal Court and Currier made a statement to the press requesting someone take responsibility for what happened and apologize.

This incident is a strong reminder of how eye witnesses and victims can misidentify a suspect very easily. What happens in a traumatic moment can be remembered far differently than what actually occurred. Our brains process and remember sensory input differently and memory accuracy is affected by stress and anxiety.

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Lieut. Edward Walsh and firefighter Michael Kennedy were killed battling a large fire which started in the basement of a brownstone and spread quickly to the upper levels of the building.

The fire is still being investigated and cause at this time remains unknown. A large explosion occurred as the fire grew and high winds accelerated the spread of fire.

The building had eight separate apartments with the fire beginning in what appears to be the basement.