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University Students arrive back in Boston and need to be careful

A Northeastern University student reported an attack in the early morning of Thursday while walking on Huntington Avenue. Northeastern police report that the student was grabbed by her neck and the assailant attempt to drag her down an alley on the 500 block of Huntington Avenue near the Wentworth Institute of technology. The young student began to scream which drew the attention of nearby security officers which caused the assailant to run from the scene. The suspect is described as a black male in his 20s 6’2″ approximately 180 pounds.

As a criminal lawyer in Boston it is this time of year when university students return to the city that there is an uptick in assaults and sexual assault type crimes. Any students who are new to the area should be extra cautious especially late at night. Many areas of the city can be dangerous it is important to become familiar with your surroundings and your new neighborhood before venturing out alone late at night.

Having defended many accused of both assault and sexual assaults it is common for them to prey on people who walk alone or who are distracted by looking at their phones.

If attacked a person should call out for help, as this student did, and try to distance themselves from the assailant and find a place where others might be. It is also smart to walk with your keys in your hand to use as some form of defense if someone attacks you by surprise.

Newly arrived university students should also be aware that the police are cracking down on noise level complaints and parties. The city of Boston has a high population of working residents who frown on loud late night parties. It is not uncommon for the police to set a tone early in the semester by making an example by arresting those tenants who were having late night parties at the beginning of the semester.

Frank Fernandez has represented many students charged with noise violations,
parties and underage drinking. It is important to try to protect a young student’s criminal record so they will not have to answer to these types of charges for the rest of their lives when applying for employment or graduate studies.

Cases handled on behalf of University Students have ranged from: drug possession, sexual assault, underage drinking, assault and battery as well as disciplinary proceedings brought by the University Disciplinary Committee. It is important to find a criminal lawyer in Boston who will make sure to protect your criminal record as much as possible. It is important to keep your record clean to avoid having to answer for an event that occurred one night in college for the rest of your lives.

For a free consultation related to any university type violations or if a
Student is charged criminally please call 617-393-0250 or visit

Employers and graduate schools will ask about your criminal history on applications, it is important to be able to answer those questions related to criminal convictions in the negative. Speak with a criminal lawyer in Boston with experience in protecting university student’s criminal records.

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