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Lieutenant of the Ludlow Police Department is charged with stealing drugs out of the evidence locker

Lt. Thomas Foye was recently indicted related to charges that he took drugs from narcotics locker at the police station.

He is charged with tampering with evidence, theft of drugs from a dispensary as well as cocaine possession.

Police department’s manner of logging in and warehousing evidence has long been criticized as overdue for better procedures to ensure chain of custody and security of the evidence.

Many evidence lockers and police departments merely require personnel to sign in to gain access to both pending and closed cases relevant evidence.

Rules of evidence require that any evidence, such as drugs, be kept in a fashion that it can be shown exactly who handled that specific evidence from the time it was discovered to the time of trial. This is what is referred to as chain of custody. This entails placing evidence in marked containers which are then initialed by the officers who did so and any other officer or personnel who later come into contact with this evidence. All this is done to ensure that the evidence remains as it was found.

Police departments have been criticized for having procedures which are lacking in preserving the security of evidence. With technological advances that exist today police departments should be required to have a better system to safeguard evidence in their possession
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