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State drug lab closed due to mishandling of evidence and potential cover-up

A state drug lab responsible for testing illegal drugs seized from defendant’s was closed because of mishandling of evidence by chemists.

Thousands of cases both pending and closed can be affected by this misconduct. It appears at least one chemist falsified data related to drug analysis and testing which calls into question the results of drug tests related to thousands of cases.

Defendants convicted and serving sentences for drug related cases have reason to file motions to vacate and reopen their cases. All types of cases involving drugs such as heroin, cocaine, as well as many other street drugs may have been compromised because of this breach.

In drug trafficking cases the Commonwealth must not only prove that the substance is actually an illegal drug but that the weight is actually a trafficking amount.

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There is no doubt that the closure of this state drug lab will affect thousands of cases. For free consultation by Boston criminal defense lawyer as to your specific situation and how it may be effective please feel free to call Frank Fernandez at 617-393-0250.

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