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66 pounds of cocaine seized in Chelsea two men arrested, another man arrested after 40 pounds of cocaine and 29 pounds of heroin discovered after a traffic stop in Dorchester

On Thursday as a result of an ongoing investigation two men from California were arrested after police discovered 66 pounds of cocaine in their tractor-trailer unit in Chelsea.

The two men arrested in Chelsea were from California and were brought to the Chelsea District Court on Friday. They are each charged with trafficking in cocaine and conspiracy to violate the state’s drug laws. Trafficking in this amount of cocaine carries a 15 year mandatory minimum sentence if convicted.

Large amounts of drugs such as in this case are usually considered for federal prosecution rather than being handled at the state level. Whether they will be charged federally is yet to be determined.

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In a separate incident a routine traffic stop in Dorchester led to the arrest of a man from Providence Rhode Island. He was stopped for failing to use a blinker, the rental car was driving was reported overdue. As the police inventoried the vehicle prior to it being towed the discovered 40 pounds of cocaine and 29 pounds of heroin.

The suspect was charged with trafficking in cocaine and trafficking in heroin in the Dorchester District Court and was held on $500,000 cash bail. Trafficking in heroin this amount carries a 15 year mandatory minimum sentence, trafficking in cocaine over 200 grams also carries a 15 year mandatory minimum sentence.

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The use of the word trafficking signifies the mere amount possessed is of such a large quantity than the law presumes it is not mere possession for personal use but rather an amount which reflects the intent to distribute or sell the controlled substance. Mere possession is a different charge, distribution or sale of a controlled substance carries stiffer penalties. Distribution can be proven by the Commonwealth or the federal government by the sheer amount of the drug as we see in these cases or through other evidence of distribution such as how the drugs are packaged, scales, drug packaging material, large amounts of currency, and multiple cell phones beepers.

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