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Two female “strippers” arrested in Brookline for robbing men

Three men decided to order “strippers” at 4:30am the other night from their Brookline apartment on Freeman Street. They looked on the website called where escorts will post their photo and contact information related to services.

The three men told police that they contracted two women from the site to perform a strip show. When the women arrived they were not the ones which appeared in the photos on the website so the men canceled the performance and refused to pay. This is when one of the women hit one of them in the face and grabbed the $800 he had in his hand and stuffed it in her bra; the other woman then pushed a second man who attempted to get the money back. Both women then fled the apartment.

Police responded to a robbery call received a description of the females and located them at a convenience store on Park Drive soon after. The women were with a man Dana Roberts, 35, who was driving them in a Mercedes, Roberts had outstanding warrants for traffic violation and for operating a vehicle with a revoked license and was arrested.

The two women were identified as Catriona Kaye, 29, of Mattapan and Sheila Estrada, 29, of Dorchester. Both women were arrested and charged with robbery. All three suspects will be arraigned in Brookline District Court, the two women for charges of robbery and most likely assault and battery, Roberts may be charged with conspiracy since as the driver of the vehicle it may be alleged that he participated knowingly in these robberies.

Escorts routinely rip off potential customers under the premise that the person would never call the police under such embarrassing circumstances. These three men were so upset by the actions of these escorts that they mustered the will to involve the police. Paying women for sex is obviously illegal with both the man and woman potentially facing prostitution charges and receiving sex for a fee. But what these women advertised was a private strip show and what the men told the police was that a strip show is what they had requested. No one knows whether this truly was a transaction for sex for a fee but it is credible that these women acted brashly and did in fact grab and push these men for the money once a disagreement arose believing that the police would never be involved.

As a Boston criminal defense attorney I have represented clients who have advertised escort services on craigslist, Eros and other websites promising a strip show or massage; I have also represented those charged for having paid money for sex. If one looks at these websites you can see that this is a thriving industry. The police monitor these websites at times pose as either a person offering services or a “John”. If you’ve been arrested for prostitution or receiving sex for a fee do not hesitate to contact me for a free consultation. The above case is unusual because rarely are the police called when assault and battery and robbery occurs after a dispute between an escort and those that called her.

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