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Quincy businessman pleads not guilty to aggravated statutory rape, sex for a fee and trafficking in cocaine released on $150,000 cash bail

Developer William O’Connell who is known for having created the Marina Bay development and more recently the Granite links golf course was released yesterday in Quincy District Court on $150,000 cash bail for charges of aggravated statutory rape, sex for a fee and trafficking in cocaine.

Not much is known about the specifics of the case since the alleged victim is a minor, it appears there are two counts of statutory rape and two counts of sex for a fee, it is alleged that he was in possession of 19 grams of cocaine upon his arrest and therefore was charged with trafficking in cocaine.

The judge made a point of stating at his arraignment that he would be treated like everyone else who encounters the criminal justice system. The Trafficking in cocaine charge alone carries a mandatory minimum three years in jail.

This is a case that will be taken to the Middlesex Superior Court by way of a grand jury indictment it will most likely not be resolved in Quincy District Court. It is the Commonwealth that decides whether they wish to indict a case and take it to Superior Court.

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