Attorney Profile

Attorney Frank Fernandez began his career as a criminal prosecutor in the city of St. Louis where he practiced for many years. As a prosecutor he handled thousands of cases ranging from misdemeanors to violent felonies. With the large caseload he honed his trial skills becoming a well respected litigator. The experience of litigating so many criminal cases as a prosecutor gives him an advantage he uses to help defend his criminal clients. Having been on the other side attorney Fernandez knows what to expect from the Commonwealth and how to best defend your case. His years of experience in influencing jurors are now used to help get the best results for his private clients. As a criminal attorney based in Boston Massachusetts he now has established a thriving criminal defense and personal injury litigation firm.

Frank Fernandez works closely with a larger firm where he is of counsel and is consulted in matters ranging from personal injury, medical malpractice to complex criminal litigation cases. He enjoys serving the Latin community; he speaks Spanish fluently having been raised in a bilingual family. International students from all over the world have sought his services in dealing with criminal matters and school disciplinary proceedings.

Matters ranging from auto accidents, medical malpractice cases to criminal matters no matter how small, all receive expert analysis and personal attention. Attorney Fernandez works closely with experts and investigators to help build an airtight defense in criminal matters and to help prove his client’s case in relation to any type of civil litigation.

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As an attorney who works of counsel to a much larger firm Frank Fernandez has access to the latest research and development in litigation. Being part of a larger group of attorneys allows for your matter to be analyzed by many attorneys rather than just one. It is best to obtain many different perspectives as to forming a defense rather than to rely on just one. Your case will be in good hands and will receive the utmost personal attention from attorney Fernandez and all those who he works closely with him.

Criminal cases in Massachusetts will all receive expert attention. Cases from Springfield, Worcester Barnstable to the furthest reaches west of Massachusetts, all will be treated with the same close attention that he provides to his Boston clients. It is best to call and receive a free consultation as to your specific criminal charge so that you know where you stand and what you can expect to happen in the next stages of your case.

Attorney Fernandez studied law at Washington University Law School in St. Louis. He also spent a semester of law school in London where he studied international law. A native of St. Louis he attended undergraduate university at Boston College.

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