Armed Robbery

Armed robbery requires the Commonwealth to prove that the defendant, armed with a dangerous weapon, used force against another or put that person in fear through their words or actions; and that the defendant took property from the person's immediate control with the intent to keep it. The weapon involved does not need to be a firearm, it can be any dangerous weapon and the weapon does not need to be used, it is sufficient if it is proven that the defendant was armed with a weapon at the time.

If convicted of armed robbery a defendant could face up to life in prison. It is important to get an experienced Boston criminal defense attorney involved in your case as soon as possible. Armed robbery cases involve many complex issues such as witness identification. The method in which a victim identifies a suspect is very important, police may show a victim a lineup or photo array and it is important that this is done without any bias or prejudice. An experienced criminal defense lawyer will know how to challenge the identification procedure used in identifying the defendant. Challenges need to be made in the form of pretrial motions to suppress evidence such as the method of identification and manner in which evidence was seized.

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