Aggravated Rape

Aggravated Rape is a rape in which there is serious bodily injury or the rape occurred during the commission of a certain criminal offense. The other offenses during which a rape occurs that will turn the rape into an aggravated rape are: assault and battery with a dangerous weapon; robbery both armed or unarmed; kidnapping; burglary armed or unarmed; breaking and entering either at night or day and carrying a dangerous weapon. If any of the above offenses are being committed and a rape also occurs the rape can be charged as an aggravated rape. A defendant can face up to life in prison if convicted of aggravated rape.

If one engages in a joint enterprise to rape it will also make the rape an aggravated rape. A joint enterprise can take the form of another person merely being present or available at the scene having engaged in either a verbal or non-verbal understanding to assist if needed in the commission of the rape.

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