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We are a full-service law firm that successfully represents clients throughout all of Massachusetts in matters from criminal defense to personal injury.

Matters from Criminal Defense to Personal Injury receive expert analysis; free consultations with a Boston attorney are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The Firm works closely with forensic experts and investigators to make sure our clients have the strongest possible cases presented in their favor. We employ a broad range of experienced, talented investigators, including former state troopers and medical experts. These specialists are knowledgeable and professional, and know how to build the best case possible for our clients.

Frank Fernandez whose main office is based in Boston is a lawyer who has been practicing law for over 17 years and is dedicated to helping clients in Massachusetts achieve the best result possible when charged with a criminal offense. It is important to get a Boston criminal lawyer involved as soon as possible to help build the best case possible for you. The stress and anxiety caused by being arrested and charged with a crime can be overwhelming; call a criminal lawyer with years of experience in Massachusetts courts to get free confidential advice. What can be the most overwhelming is not knowing what to expect, by calling you will get advice about your particular situation and also learn what to expect from the legal process. Mr. Fernandez is an experienced criminal lawyer who will take the time to explain each step of your case from the criminal clerk’s hearing or arraignment through to the end. By learning what to expect your fear and apprehension will begin to ease and you will feel less overwhelmed. By calling for a free consultation with a Boston criminal attorney you can learn about the different ways in which your case can be challenged or resolved. Information is power and helps put you at ease at least when it comes to the fear of the unknown. A free consultation is given to everyone with no commitments. Start by just informing yourself of the process and learning about the charge you face and the potential outcomes you can expect. A criminal lawyer in Boston is available right now by phone to give you free advice on your particular situation.

Mr. Fernandez has successfully defended clients charged with a variety of crimes in Boston and throughout Massachusetts. Crimes handled include: operating under the influence (OUI or DUI), armed robbery, domestic violence, drug trafficking, distribution and possession as well as many other charges both in state and federal court. Matters from a clerk’s hearing to criminal appeals will all be evaluated and given a confidential consultation free of charge.

A former prosecutor, Mr. Fernandez is now a criminal lawyer in Boston dedicated to helping those charged with crimes in both state and federal court throughout all of Massachusetts. We are happy to answer any questions you may have, please call anytime, 617-393-0250.

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